Sanabul Women's Easter Egg Boxing Gloves

Sanabul Women's Easter Egg Boxing Gloves


Product Description:

-As a brand, we tend to shake things up in our industry. The status quo of women’s boxing gloves typically includes bright pink or purple variations of gloves designed for men. We’re here to change that
-Finally, a glove made for women. Sanabul Easter Egg boxing gloves feature a much narrower silhouette that contours around your hand for a snug and comfortable fit. Generally speaking, women tend to have smaller hands and unisex boxing gloves are often too bulky
-Far from boring, our women’s boxing gloves have an eye-catching pastel color palette only found within our brand. The outer material features a sleek, yet sophisticated, design with a matte-finish, making these gloves truly one of a kind
-You don’t have to settle for less. Just because we created a fashion forward boxing glove doesn’t mean we cut corners with functionality. These gloves feature the same high quality craftsmanship, performance and durability that has made us industry leaders
-Need help deciding which gloves to get? The most common recommendation is the 12 oz size (equivalent to’ medium’). Young ladies or kids (over 10 years of age) should go with 8 oz boxing gloves. If you plan on using your gloves for power shots or heavy-bag use, we suggest grabbing the 14 oz size

Key Features:

8 oz
Ice Blue
Faux Leather
Glove Type:

Shipping Included:

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Shipping not Included:

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