Foot Mask, Foot Peel Mask (3 Pack), Foot Treatment, Soft Baby Foot Removes Calluses and Dead Skin Cells, Repair Rough Heels (lavender)

Foot Mask, Foot Peel Mask (3 Pack), Foot Treatment, Soft Baby Foot Removes Calluses and Dead Skin Cells, Repair Rough Heels (lavender)


Product Description:

Soft & Smooth Baby-skin In Weeks :No longer need to go to those expensive foot spas and beauty salons,you can have a super soft skin experience foot spa at home,because you have the best soft and smooth toon foot peeling mask here.Our magic peeling mask uses plastic boots with legendary ingredients,which not only gently exfoliates,but also deeply moisturizes your tired feet.
-Natural Ingredients Feet Peeling Mask :Compared with other baby foot peeling mask products that irritate the skin and make the skin more sensitive, we ensure that the essence in our foot peeling mask fully enters every pore of your feet without causing damage to your feet Further harm.Our foot peeling mask is only made of proven and tested natural ingredients to nourish,restore and protect your feet.
-Unisex Foot Peeling Masks :The disposable boots of our baby foot peeling mask set are not only suitable for women,but also for men, because it can fit most sizes.Our foot mask package contains a detailed usage guide in the package to let you know more about the use of our products,Anyone can use it comfortably anywhere.Men and women of all ages can see how effective our foot mask is for dry and cracked feet within two weeks of use.
-Best Effective Foot Peeling Mask :Made with Collagen,chamomilla recutita, allantoin,glycerin,Most of the contained ingredients are taken from natural plants and contain no harmful additives for you to use our products healthier,and easily achieve soft,smooth and healthy baby feet.Your 100% satisfaction is ours power.
-Beautiful & Health Products Tested :For your satisfaction with our products,we have strict requirements for products.Each product is delivered to you after many years of rigorous testing by our factory employees.Note that this product is not suitable for pregnant women and people with skin injuries.If there is any discomfort during use,please contact us in time.


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