DrTung's Copper Tongue Cleaner, Tongue Scraper (1 Pack)

DrTung's Copper Tongue Cleaner, Tongue Scraper (1 Pack)


Product Description:

AMAZING BREATH This tongue cleaner for adults works to eliminates soft plaque in seconds! Dr. Tung's is gentle on the tongue while delivering the best cleaning experience.
-HYGIENIC COPPER Dr. Tung's tongue scrapers are made from copper and will be more comfortable and gentle on the tongue than a plastic tongue scraper.
-COMFORTABLE, QUICK, AND EFFECTIVE The high-grade copper used in these tongue scrapers for adults ensure a pleasant and thorough cleaning for your tongue. Experience dental hygiene like never before!
-COMFORTABLE GRIP Dr. Tung's tongue scraper with case is made with soft and comfortable plastic grips.
-A CLEANER YOU CAN TRUST Dr. Tung's is highly regarded as the leading tongue cleaner in the health market. It is sold in health stores and dental offices around the country, and is used and recommended by dentists and hygienists.


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